Check out ASAP at It’s a new tool I created with PowerShell to automate OS deployments with Virtualbox.

Creating a test environment can be a painful exercise consisting of many hours of downloading, installing, waiting, and configuring. Multiply that by ‘x’ if you are building a test environment with multiple systems. Unfortunately, if an install or test is botched the process will need to be completed again. The work isn’t hard…it’s just time consuming.
Unfortunately, if you have limited resources, creating multiple test environments can be a pain. ASAP was created to address this issue.
ASAP will allow you to create multiple disposable environments that can be run locally on a Windows system using Oracle’s VirtualBox.
ASAP was created with PowerShell and can be scripted to setup a test environment using a preconfigured configuration file.
I have taken concepts from gaming industry and applied the model to ASAP. Think of ASAP as a system for building test environments. ASAP is the gaming system and the configuration file is the game. Multiple configuration files can be setup to run different test environments depending on your needs. The power of ASAP is that is uses PowerShell and VirtualBox’s command line tools to automate the process so you don’t have to worry about it. All that is needed is a base OS and a configuration file. ASAP will do the rest.

Friends have likened it to a Vagrant for Windows.

Check it out at